Doing some research

Received from an Oregon Resident – Name Unknown

While I was getting a coffee, I overheard 7 young people (22-26 years old, 5 males, 2 female) who have been protesting in downtown Portland the last few nights.

I told them I was doing research and asked nicely if they would answer some questions.  They were cool with it, so I sat down and went for it.

Ø  How many of you voted? Three voted.  Of the four who didn’t, none was registered to vote.

Ø  Did you do any research? None of them researched independently either candidate.

Ø  Who did you vote for? All were for Hillary but preferred Bernie.

Ø  Why the Democratic Candidate?

  • “More things are taken care of.”
  • “Time to have a woman President.”
  • “Democrats aren’t sexist or racist.”

Ø  Six of them live at home.

Ø  All are under their parents insurance.

Ø  Two have “real” jobs.

Ø  Three aren’t working, nor are they trying hard to find a job.

Ø  Parents pay for everything in their life or subsidize it.

Ø  Six get money from mom or dad every month.

Ø  Two have been on unemployment for 6+ months.

Ø  One is at Portland State U, doesn’t work, and parents pay for everything.

Ø  All 7 said Trump is a racist/sexist.  I asked to cite proof … “That tape, man!”

Ø  When I asked, as a man myself, “Have you ever said anything like that when you’ve  been hanging out with your buddies?   All five males said “Yes.”

Ø  Would you say it if you knew you were on tape?  All five answered “No.”

Ø  What’s the difference?  I asked.  “You’ve all said bad stuff like that.  Does that mean you hate women and are a sexual predator?”  Nothing.  No answer.

Ø  None could tell me how our government works … they didn’t know how laws are passed, how the House of Representatives or the Senate work.

Ø  None could explain how a bill is passed.

Only one could tell me the difference between legal and illegal immigration.

One of them said, “Legal immigration is when you immigrate legally.”  Seriously.

Ø  None could explain the purpose of the Electoral College or how it works.

In 10 minutes they felt they had explained everything.  Nice kids … but so ignorant. I know some awesome, phenomenal young adults; but I’m afraid the majority are like these seven.  Too many participation trophies, too much coddling by parents and teachers.

In 1944 18 year-olds stormed the beach at Normandy into almost certain death.

In 2016 18-year-olds feel unsafe because words hurt their feelings.

Uh oh, our nation is in deep shit!

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